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Re: Weather Culture
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Most extreme rogue wave ever was recorded off B.C. coast

Never felt a thing...

I've been offshore in 6 - 7 m seas outside Ucluelet after big typhoons off Japan.  When the wave period's are 15 seconds or more and there's no wind on top of it the surface is otherwise quite calm and you can blast along at full speed.  It's a different story nearshore and around shallow spots of course.  The power of these waves are really apparent when you see how high up an exposed island they push.

I remember standing at Amphitrite Pt during 100 kt winds and 14 - 15 m seas.  I doubt if the period was more than 8 seconds - extremely rough conditions. It was on par with being at Niagara Falls for noise and fury.  Winds knocked our power out here for a week and went on to blow down some 20% of the forest in Stanley Park.   
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