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Re: Weather Thread
« Reply #75 on: January 01, 2021, 01:48:58 pm »
Looks like a better day for feeding a woodstove if you ask me.  Looks like more **** on toast coming our way too.

Ordinarily, notwithstanding COVID, I'd be running boats in and out of Hot Springs Cove right now taking an inside route, except for the white-knuckle portion getting around Sharp Pt, especially in 3 - 4 m seas on a strong ebb tide.  But not in this weather.  The amount of rain we're getting right now is enough to make the hot spring turn into a warm spring - the logs and boulders ocean swells can dump into the pools kinda take some of the charm away too.

Better to just eat a can of beans jump into the hot-tub instead and it's almost like being there.  Especially with driving wind, rain and trees bent over sideways all around.

Windy is calling for up to 13 m swells in the North Pacific with 8 - 10 m waves reaching our coast later this week.
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