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Re: Weather Thread
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I usually flip and flop around so much I'd probably knock them loose but I'll give them a whirl, thanks. I tried wearing earplugs to blank out the noise of waves slapping against the hull and the groaning of wooden timbers and such when sleeping in big seas at night. Firing up the engine to mask the noise actually worked better.  If I could sleep standing up I would because nothing seems to clear up a bent windpipe faster.  Sleeping pills don't seem to do a thing for me.  I suppose I could reinforce that with booze but I'd just have to wake up again and I'd probably be even crankier than usual so...

Yeah, I wear earplugs too.  The train is too close.  I shelled out for the fitted ones at ~$150 and they do a pretty good job.
Time for bed said Zebedee...