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Re: Weather Thread
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Except the electricity to power these cars has to come from somewhere and that often means coal or gas.

I bet you argue that the problem with wind and solar is that we don't have storage technology, and now you argue that storage technology must rely on fossil fuels. I would say both your glasses are half empty.

Global CO2 emissions are not going to decline not matter how much be we flagellate ourselves because humans need affordable energy to keep people fed and sheltered.

Again, you ignore the many alternatives like reducing our consumption of meat. Lower GHG emissions, lower land usage, significantly lower water usage, etc.  Same applies to shelter. We don't need to live in climate controlled monster mansions and offices with zero insulation.

The only actual discussion going on is not about lowering emissions but about how much do we waste pretending to lower emissions without actually killing the economy in the process.

Again, for the 103954731935717834th time, the economy is an artificial construct and it is what we make it to be. The environment is real, the economy is not.