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Re: Weather Thread
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in regards the discussion of 'thawing permafrost' (relative to that fifth of the Northern Hemisphere landmass that is permafrost), my emphasis was on your oft repeated references to, "an inability to repeat experimentally". The study I linked to is, I interpret, the first to laboratory control measure/quantify the long-term production of methane in thawing permafrost... particularly the emphasis on methane production in water-saturated (absent oxygen) permafrost versus dry-soil permafrost... an addition to and reinforcement of the warming feedback due to melting ice uncovering and destabilizing tundra permafrost.

this measurable data will enable more accurate projections about the impacts of thawing permafrost... perhaps leading towards an eventual inclusion of feedbacks from thawing permafrost in IPCC projections; now absent from current models/modeling.

I have also encountered the argument from certain climate change deniers that increased ice sheet over certain areas of the antarctic ocean is proof global warming can't be happening. Then you show the data that points out that reduced ocean surface salinity due to increased precipitation caused by warmer air/sea temperatures is ironically the cause of that ice. Meanwhile of course the Thwaites Glacier continues to slip off the land and into the sea. Psst, don't buy land in Miami.