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Re: Weather Thread
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I saw that as well, although he did an extremely poor job explaining the methane cycle. It is important to note that methane lingers in the atmosphere for about a decade, while C02 lingers well over a century. Methane however causes far more warming per ton than C02, almost 30 times as much. Fortunately there is far less methane in the atmosphere than C02, by several hundred times (if you look at how they are measured, C02 is generally in ppm while methane is in ppb - million vs. billion).

Cows, and other ruminants, are a significant part of methane production but still only about 15% overall. The largest source of methane is rice farming. Note that both of these are directly related to human activities, and are issues we can address through alternatives in our diet.

We are also seeing increases in methane as it is released from thawing arctic tundra.