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Re: Weather Thread
« on: September 12, 2018, 12:07:33 pm »
3 days!  How did you eat, sleep, poop ?

Ah pooping was no problem, the heads continued to work fine. You just had to hunt around to find one someone wasn't kneeling in front of, and "praying" into.  For around 2 of the days the galley was shut down. I guess they figured the fried eggs could end up flipping themselves. There was a stash of energy bars and such on board for just such an event. They get a little boring after awhile but at least something to munch on. Sleeping was the most difficult at least for me. Not sure how familiar you are with "sea terms" but you have what are called lee cloths which is like kind of window blind made of canvas that unrolls from below the berth and then hooks in up above. This is to keep you from being thrown out of your berth as she rolls, but constantly being thrown from side to side, even if you don't fall out, does not make for a good nights sleep. I was sitting chatting with the captain of the vessel during some of the worst of the storm and during one of those rolls I said to him " I think sometimes this things is going to just keep right on rolling" even though it always did stop and then start it's roll the other way. He replied that the way we were loaded it would always right itself from rolls. Just about then a wave hit us on the stern, which which was flat shaped, and that felt like I imagine it would feel to be rear ended in your car, and the ship gave about 3 shudders as that impact made its way along the length of the ship. The captain said "now that's what worries me because that shudder is what can break these ships up, and since we are in the stern which is the heaviest part, it would break off first". OK now I felt much better knowing we wouldn't likele roll over, but we might just snap off and head for Davey Jones but at least we'd be right side up.
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