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Re: Toronto Raptors
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That narrative kills me. They lost to the champs two years ago. And last year they lost to the Cavs again, who went on to lose in the finals to GSW.

The only team to knock them out of the playoffs in the last couple of seasons were the Cavaliers, who have the greatest player of this generation on their team.

You didn't say they "choked" but a lot of people do. This is silly, since that would mean they expected the Raptors to beat Lebron. I mean, I guess that's a compliment, but everyone knows Lebron is one of the greatest of all time. They've got their work cut out for them, as does ANY team that plays the Cavs. The only team to beat them in the playoffs are the Golden State Warriors and 4/5 of their starters are All-Stars. To criticize the Raptors for not doing it is a bit silly, imo.

It's the Patrick Ewing vs Jordan effect. Or Dan Marino vs the Buffalo Bills.  Not getting over the hump will be seen as a failure.

Kyle and Demar have not consistently been amazing in the playoffs. They got swept by the Wizards 3 years ago, they made it to the conference finals but they needed 7 to win the first two series while the Cavs got two sweeps. Winning 2 games at home that series was a consolation prize.

Now the Cavs were great. . . last year.

This Cavs team is Lebron and a bunch of guys. Jose Calderon is getting lots of minutes for this team. (he started for the Raps in 2006!!!)

A team that the Raptors handled very well in the regular season (Indiana) took the Cavs to 7 games. If they lose this series, it'll be a massive failure. I would trade Lowry and Serge if they lose, let the bench mob take if from here with Demar.
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