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Re: Toronto Raptors
« on: February 13, 2018, 03:38:41 pm »
So I had this kid over to my place a few weeks ago - it was a party - and he was interested in sports so I asked about the Raps.  Apparently, the big change in approach that is making them so good is eliminating the idea of a 'system' and just playing wide open.  As a musician, I see a great analogy.  The Grateful Dead always shone best when improvising but in sports ?

Is it so ?

Also - has anybody done that before ?
I donít think itís quite like that. Instead of relying on a couple stars, theyíve been playing as a team more. Theyve built more trust around each other and are moving the ball more. You can tell from the stats too. Their assists are much higher this year.