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Re: The Travel Thread
« Reply #15 on: July 03, 2017, 09:40:11 am »
Have had a lovely time in Victoria, Metchosin, and Port Renfrew this Canada Day long weekend.

Lovely Italian dinner (chicken liver, duck confit, chocolate tort) at Cafe Brio in Victoria. 

Then made it to the B&B in Metchosin which is a quiet rural farming/arty/hippie community 35 minutes away.

Went to Port Renfrew yesterday and had a great time at botanical beach. Tide pools full of mussels and sea urchins and stuffs.

Stuck the Go Pro into the pools to shoot some video and one of the park volunteers watched me closely.

She didn't know me but could probably see the mussel lust in my eyes as I would have loved to have harvested some instead of only getting video. 

Surprised as to how awesome the Pub is: craft beer, excellent food, awesome speakers - the only wrong with them was the country music.   

The drive out and back is on the slow side: windy highway on par with going out to Tofino but much slower.

The fog lifting up all morning made for many cool scenes. At one point we could see the shadows of wind swept fog clouds moving across the highway. 
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