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Re: The Travel Thread
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Be careful!

A former PM of Norway has supposedly been detained for an hour because he travelled to Iran in 2014.

On a diplomatic passport.

My first trip working in Iran (Kish Island) I ended up chatting at breakfast one day to  American who was also working there but who was living in Canada. He warned me about crossing the border into the US with the Iranian visa showing. They glue a card that takes up a whole page showing the visa info. Of course I was scheduled to go to Dallas im a few weeks for training. I figured all I could do was just play dumb, but when it came to US Customs I sipped my boarding pass into my passport at the appropriate page and handed it to the mam. Them I said Oh I'm sorry I just keep all the paper work together amd luckily he said Oh that's OK, turned to another page, put the stamp im smd I was on my way. Phew!