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Re: The Progressive Thread!
« Reply #360 on: February 24, 2021, 10:33:39 pm »
No, right/wrong is not always a matter of opinion. 

She was definitely objectively wrong.  Republicans are not analogous to persecuted Jews.  She is a conspiratard ala Trump.

The problem is that she’s a crackpot who should’ve just not tweeted.

She was talking about hate becoming part of our political culture, and the only think she's wrong about is thinking that right-wingers are the only ones on the receiving end.

On the internet we've seen "progressives" by the thousands deluge JK Rowling with vile misogynistic slurs and tell her that she should be punched, kicked, stabbed, raped, and killed.  And we see AOC treated pretty much the same by the right wing.

The internet isn't the real world, of course, but we've seen escalating violence at political protests in recent years, with Jan 6 being the pinnacle (so far.)

In Canada we've seen conspiracy kooks assault people just for wearing covid masks, and we saw protesters screaming "kill yourself!" and "bleed out!" at the attendees of a Meghan Murphy talk in Toronto... they even had a fake guillotine they were carrying around to make their point.   We're not yet at Kristalnacht levels of insanity, but the people who vandalized the Vancouver R4pe Relief shelter with death threats and nailed a rat to the door are getting there.

Obviously the comparison to 1930s Germany is overwrought, but hate that Carano was talking about is real and getting worse.

Masked for your safety.
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