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Re: The Progressive Thread!
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I still lie awake at night when I realize this...

I pictured you as captain highliner... then I found out you're from here.  Burst all the bubbles coming out of my pipe.  What part of TO again ?
Oh I'm still a captain alright. I lived in North TO, usually on and within a few blocks of Yonge St from just north of Lawrence Ave almost down to Bloor St.  Hog's Hollow was still farmland when I lived there - I was 16/17 when I hitch-hiked out west - Christ it's probably closer to 48 years I've been out here now.

Went logging and fishing after a short stint as a pin-setter at the local bowling alley.  Locals thought it was great sport to launch bowling balls at the hippy down in the pit. I fit right in when I promptly fired them back up the lane at them.
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