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Re: The Progressive Thread!
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Au contraire.  I was immersed in Eastern humour for 10 years (Toronto and Montreal).  That's where I honed my skills for the west coast comeback.
I was born in TO but my 45 year immersion in Vancouver Island culture has resulted in taking 'freeze you eastern bastards' to mean anywhere east of the EEC border down the middle of the Salish Sea.  I even still have an old Vancouver Island Liberation Organization tee-shirt.

Please do not confuse VILO with the ILA.

The Island Liberation Army, or ILA, is the main land warfare force of the Vancouver Island Soviet Socialist Republic. Founded by Comrade Dustinov, General Secretary of the VISSR, on August 5th 2019. The ILA is half of the armed wing of the ruling Communist Party of the VISSR, along with the Island Liberation Navy.
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