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Re: The Progressive Thread!
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Oh, for sure but it's my observation that women can be a lot harder on each other than men often are. I don't pretend to know how a woman should feel if someone with a dick walks into a women's restroom.

When I was quite a bit younger and still living in small town BC (early 80s), I came to the exciting Metropolis of Vancouver to visit my sister.  Sis took me to a night club on Davie (Love? something),  where I ran across an older lady in a rather vintage looking dress in the ladies room.  After she left, I commented to my sister on how she was dressed, whereupon my sister informed me that it was a man and not a woman.  I failed to scream or pass out in shock, enjoyed the rest of my evening and did not find it necessary to write to any newspapers or call in to talk radio to complain about the declining morals of our society, led by lefty progressives.

I have, on occasion, taken my wombful body into the men's washroom when the ladies was too busy.  Nobody died. 

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