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Re: The Progressive Thread!
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It's a thing's thing and thangs with wangs always get a free pass. It's been like this forever right, we talk about cavemen days not cavewomen days.  That said what about people who choose to be a thing or an object instead of some other....thing?

At risk of going down the road monty is pointing, recall Annie Lennox's observation that some just want to abuse you and others just want to be abused.  Anythang goes. addition to yer they's, them's and their's you also have things, thangs and...thongs?

Oh, for sure but it's my observation that women can be a lot harder on each other than men often are. I don't pretend to know how a woman should feel if someone with a dick walks into a women's restroom.

When I was on course in Japan, female cleaning staff would routinely walk into mens washrooms to do their job without any announcement and they wouldn't put up signs to say they were there. No biggie.
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