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Re: The Progressive Thread!
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1. Initially I was team Rowling but apparently her newest book is about a transvestite serial killer.  She seems pretty bent on villainizing transwomen and othering them. 

2. I still love her and agree with her about some of the points she has raised, but I can no longer support that her agenda is just about feminism.

3. As for Carano, I don't put my pronouns in any of my bios but I don't go out of my way to antagonise people either and then play victim.
1. Yes, it's hard to figure out what she's driving for.
2. I would still read her.  There are lots of great artists who are problematic.
3. There's a climate denier who publishes in the National Post, who owns a chic coffee shop in the student area.  Lots of people point out what the owner is all about, and it has nothing to do with the coffee.