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Re: The Progressive Thread!
« Reply #30 on: September 15, 2020, 01:54:12 pm »
The substance is in her essay.

Ok ... you said you couldn't disagree more with me, and yet I didn't say anything about her essay.

I said that you just applauded her, by saying there were some unruly people against her... but that's true of any position.


BC Cheque is one of the most open minded people in this place yet she has said she won't express support for Rowling on Twitter or even post a like because she isn't prepared to put up with the abuse that will follow. You seem to blow that off as inconsequential.

It's two questions:

1. Is there a progressive mob that is unruly, irrational, unfair, abusive and so on ?
2. Is JK Rowling's argument sound ?

The answer to 1 is 'definitely'
The answer to 2 is 'maybe' but it has nothing to do with #1. 

What is your problem with biological women sticking up for themselves and each other?

Most of JK's essay, at least at the top, is about crazy people harassing her.   It has nothing to do with #2.  She has some good ideas, that should lead to a good debate.  It's hard to do because of #1.  She also has some bad ideas, like people should be able to write whatever they want without consequence.

My opinions only...