Author Topic: The Prince paid more than the Queen in the Crown  (Read 180 times)

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Re: The Price paid more than the Queen in the Crown
« on: March 15, 2018, 06:10:39 am »
How do they know, though?  I'm never asked, that's for sure.  I'd have said keep the female anchor, I like her and the guy is kind of annoying.  But I don't think they do ask, I think they just assume.

You don't think they test and ask people, look at ratings and try to get the most watchable and compelling people possible ?  You think they just guess at it ?

Here's the thing, the FIRST person that tested, polled and asked who the people wanted to watch would win the ratings.  And then the competition would say "why are they winning the ratings ?" and the answer would be "because they test and poll their viewers !".  In reality, polling and ratings have been around for generations.


On the other hand, when women are criticized for being pregnant on air or showing their arms, I guess that's enough evidence of public sexism.
Can't wait!  A movement I could actually benefit from!

Speak up !  A powerful social tool is "shaming".  So get on Facebook and promote a news reader that you want to see.  It won't make a difference, but it will change how people talk about it, and you know that thing about a butterfly flapping its wings....