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Re: The non-Tim Tebow NFL thread!
« Reply #30 on: January 14, 2019, 01:05:36 am »
CHIEFS!  Very tremendous, very successful, everybody says so!  COLTS-- low ratings, SAD.

RAMS!  Winning bigly! SO MUCH WINNING!  COWBOYS-- very boring, bleeding badly from a facelift.

PATRIOTS! Lyin' Tom Brady and Cheatin' Bill Bellichik know so much, they really do know all the things, they have the best footballs and the best plays, they just win all the time, they really do, they're very great.   CHARGERS-- Low energy, failing, nobody watches them.

All of these games went pretty much as everybody expected.  I thought the Chargers had a chance of knocking off the Patriots, but they were terrible today.

The last game of the weekend was also the weekend's most interesting matchup! The defending Superbowl champion Philadelphia Eagles arrive in New Orleans to take on the NFC top seed, the Saints! Early in the season the Eagles looked very mediocre, and didn't look like they would even make the playoffs nevermind repeat as champions. It looked like they had hit an all-time low when the Saints put a 48-7 curb-stomping on the Eagles.  But that seems to have been the turning point for the Eagles, because they went on a roll and and only lost one game after that. They surged into the playoffs and won their opening round game. Would today's rematch be a repeat of the 48-7 ass kicking or would the Eagles' roll continue?

Early in the game the Saints couldn't do anything right. Drew Brees threw an interception on the very first play, and the Eagles were everywhere! The Eagles were up 14-0 before the foam was even off my beer.  The Saints were in panic mode.  It had the strong sense of being an upset.  It looked like it was going to be...
Geaux, Saints!  :D
...Eaux Neaux, Saints!

In the 2nd quarter, stalled on offense again with nothing going right, the Saints needed something to turn the game around. They used a faked punt to get a first down, and from there everything seemed to change. The jitters went away. They scored a touchdown on that drive, and another field goal before the end of the half to make it 14-10.

And then I went out for afternoon snuggling and I don't know what happened in the rest of the game.

But when I got home and checked the score, the Saints had won 20-14.   After the faked punt, the Saints scored 20 points, and the Eagles didn't score any.

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