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Re: The non-Tim Tebow NFL thread!
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Hasta la vista, Houston! Sucks to be you, Seattle!




Weird incident in the Cowboys-Seahawks game as the Seahawks' place kicker pulled his hamstring on the final play of the first half, and he was not available for the second half.  The Seahawks were unable to attempt field goals in the 2nd half. It didn't seem to hurt them though, as all the times when they might have attempted field goals on 4th down, they were able to either gain a first down or score a touchdown. They were also 2/2 on 2-point conversions after touchdowns. So they really didn't need a place-kicker... until the final play when they desperately needed a successful onside kick to have a chance to win. The punter accidentally booted the ball much too far and it was the worst onside kick attempt in NFL history.  An onside kick is a very low percentage play anyway, so it would be a stretch to say it cost them the game.  What really cost the Seahawks the game is their offense wasn't very consistent, and their defense had major trouble trying to stop Dallas RB Ezekiel Elliot who had a huge game.

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