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Re: The non-Tim Tebow NFL thread!
« on: January 18, 2018, 02:08:42 am »
In the last week of the regular season, the lowly Cincinnati Bengals scored a last-minute touchdown to defeat the Baltimore Ravens and eliminate them from the playoffs.  The Ravens' spot in the playoffs was taken by the Buffalo Bills.  Delighted Buffalo fans started donating to a charity founded by Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton as a thank-you for putting the Bills in the playoffs. Donating in $17 increments (Dalton wears #17) the Bills fans raised over $300,000 for Dalton's charity, which apparently helps families with children in long-term hospitalization.

Perhaps inspired by the Bills fans, something similar is going on in Minnesota right now. After five minutes of raucous celebration on the field following the game-winning touchdown, the referee wandered back onto the field to tell everyone that the game wasn't officially over until the Vikings did a point-after attempt.  They didn't need the point-after to win, there was no time left on the clock, and the point-after would have had no effect on anything. But apparently it's the rules.   While most of the Saints players were probably either changing and showering, or just too heartbroken to come back onto the field, a group of eight Saints players did come out to participate and make it official. It's probably the last place they wanted to be, but it was a display of sportsmanship that Vikings fans are responding to.  In particular, one of those Saints players was their punter Thomas Morstead, who played the whole game with broken ribs after making a tackle during the return of his first punt of the game.  Morstead is involved with a charity called "What You Give Will Grow", which is being deluged with donations from Vikings fans. Over $130,000 has been donated, which is going to be given to a children's hospital in Minnesota.

It's silly, but it's also kind of heart-warming.

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