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Re: the Jack Weber Memorial Booze Thread
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One of my friends says that it's the oak that gives him headaches, and he can drink "unoaked" wines (stainless steel casks instead of oak casks) without any trouble. Might be worth a try.

Silver Sage is the winery I went to that had the wines I really enjoyed.

The tasting room was run by a charming older lady who is the widow of one of the founders.  She had a story for every wine, each told with her delightful Romanian accent and infectious laughter.  Silver Sage wine is hard to find even here in Kim Country.  They have an ice wine that's quite popular, called "The Flame" on account of having a hot pepper in each bottle.  They make several other nice ice wines, as well as red and white wines. My favorite was their Pinot Blanc which has a slight Granny Smith apple taste, and their signature Sage Grand Reserve wine, which is infused with wild sage.  The thing with that region, there's sage everywhere. Everywhere!

"Why did you put sage in your wine?" I asked.

"Well, in Oliver in winter there is nothing to do," she explained. "You have more kids, or you put the sage in the wine. We had enough kids, so we put the sage in the wine. We poured a lot of wine in the creek before we got it right. Fish were happy."

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