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Re: The Definition of Trolling
« Reply #15 on: February 04, 2017, 04:41:29 pm »
I think everyone with strongly held opinions on controversial subjects is going to say things that upset people (a.k.a. "troll").

I think what separates trolling from controversial opinions is context and support for the argument.

i.e. dropping a one line post that says "lefties are snowflakes" is trolling. Making the same statement with a link to article provides an example of thin skinned behavior from people with progressive views along with an explanation on why you think that people should not get upset at whatever triggered the incident is not trolling even if the underlying message is the same.

I can agree with that, by why does any discussion have to include name calling at all?    If respectful discussion is the goal, wouldn't avoiding denigration 90% of the time (giving room for some slipups) be helpful?   On MLW, it seems some posters can't say anything without slipping in an insult to the 'other side' in there.

I suppose if argument and mutual flaming is the goal, then the more slights-that-aren't-outright-name-calling the better.