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Re: A celebrity has died thread
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I hesitate to ask but... I thought women weren't generally taken to visual erotica ?  Is that just a myth ?

There was a Playgirl at one point, and another one, I forget the name, very glossy and 'artistic' aimed at women, put out by Penthouse. They didn't last, and I think I remember reading that most of their readership was actually gay men.

One of the reasons women didn't/don't show as much enthusiasm for video erotica is that most of it is/was ****. Badly filmed, with people who couldn't act, no real dialogue or script, and mostly focusing on closeups of body parts. Also, due to the social mores which STILL exist today, the sex always had to be 100% consensual. Well, you might say, of course it did! But think about it. The best you can do with that is those ridiculous videos where a postman comes to the door and is greeted by some hotty, and they flirt for ten seconds, then start tearing each other's clothes off. No seduction, because you can't have seduction without persuasion, and you can't have that without some resistance, and resistance of any kind was/is not acceptable. I don't even remember seeing one of those 'movies' where there was any hesitation on the part of either partner.  So no really 'erotic' storylines and no character development. Just bodies going at it. Not much of a turn-on once you're out of your teens.
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