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Re: A celebrity has died thread
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Hefner was a god among men.  Most every man's dream is to 1. get rich and 2. stare at **** all day & get **** by the most beautiful women in the world at a whim.  Hugh achieved the former by doing the latter.  He's the happiest man to ever live.  RIP.

It's hard to imagine any man in history who had a better life, with fame, fortune, family and happiness all rolled together. Other men were richer, but when I look at the likes of Warren Buffet or others like him, who, even after they became filthy rich, still spent all day at the office in suits in long board meetings and going over reports and compare them to Hefner who decide '**** this' and spent his time in his silk pajamas running his business out of his mansion, surrounded by bunnies well. I side with Hugh! Not only did he take pictures of beautiful women he hired lots of them. Which meant even when he was dealing with editors, writers, photographers, and managers a lot of them were former playmates. He surrounded himself with celebrities, partied every night, and had his ex-wife and kids living in a house next door so he could see them often.

Emperors might have had more power but which of them had a better life?
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