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Playboy, Penthouse & Hustler were all part of my sex ed.   My family didn't talk about sex, though my mom made an effort about two years after we'd covered the basics of baby-making in school.

But my best friend's family down the street were very different and where I found the three magazines, so if I had any real questions I asked her dad.   I'd read something about oral sex in one of the magazines and was curious, so in front of a bunch of out-of-town family he had visiting that weekend, I asked.  The conversation went like this:
14-year-old me:  R, what is oral sex?
R: (looking uncomfortable, unusual for him) Umm ... you know what sex is?
Me:  Yes
R:  You know what oral is?
Me:  Yes
R:  Well, put the two together ..
Me:  (thinking hard) - Talking about sex?
R:  No.  Let's talk about this later, ok?
Me:  (wondering about all the snickering)  Ok.

Without those magazines, not to mention my best friend's family, I don't know if I would have ever been as sexually experimental as I was.   
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