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Re: A celebrity has died thread
« Reply #75 on: June 07, 2018, 04:04:27 am »
Fashion designer Kate Spade hanged herself Tuesday.

From the outside she seems like somebody who had everything in the world. But her suicide was apparently not a big shock to people who knew her, as she has struggled with anxiety and depression.

Getting your first Kate Spade handbag was, I gather, a rite of passage for some women. Not me or anybody I know personally... but people like Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump and many others have been sharing stories about their first Kate Spade handbag or to urge people to get medical help if they are feeling suicidal.  TV star David Spade-- her brother-in-law-- also posted some touching comments about her.

These handbags were symbols that you've arrived-- Chelsea Clinton's was a gift from her grandma when she went to college. For others it was their first luxury purchase after landing their first "real" job. Or a graduation present, or a 20th birthday present, that sort of thing. More women talking about how much their first Kate Spade handbag meant to them:

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