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Re: A celebrity has died thread
« Reply #45 on: January 20, 2018, 04:33:30 pm »
No I did not say that. I like all kinds of music. I just don't call the musicians celebrities. I myself call them artists.  I don't hero worship them like adoring fans do. You again missed the point.

I did grew up at a stage of development 9-14 idolizing sports athletes but that passed. Did I find people cool? Sure I liked MLK, RFK, certain bands, but not to hero worship.  The fact I don't idolize people as celebrities does not mean I do not appreciate gifted artists or doctors, etc. I just don't turn them into Gods on a higher platform.
I personally think we do to much of that **** in society and its not healthy. Like  Meaghan Markle. Why the hell should I consider her a celebrity? Or Harry for that matter? If someone else wants to, its their business. I find idols to worship a waste of energy.  I believe there are a lot of plain boring non celebrity people out there I know who to me are just as important in their own way.

I do appreciate the point of the thread. Some famous people bring back amazing memories. I like that people have been able to leave good memories for others and read about that. Its just for me, I don't call them celebrities.
I actually am good friends with some actors who are as humble as it gets and detest and shun celebrity crap. I respect them for that down to earth stuff. I just wish we remembered people not as celebrities but as good people. Its just a discussion point. When a guy like BB King died, I was like too bad man, I really liked his music but I would not put him on a fawning pedestal. How do I explain it-you really think all this fawning over the kardashians or kanye west or Bruce Jenner is well placed? I am not trying to be a snot, I just think its b.s.

Yep we all know that "celebrity" is a social construct. I wouldn't waste a lot of time navel gazing over it.