Author Topic: Teaching vs Indoctrination ?  (Read 4981 times)

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Re: Teaching vs Indoctrination ?
« Reply #30 on: February 15, 2018, 03:59:28 pm »
That SEEMS like a good definition but I'll bet there are counter examples that we would all agree need to happen, such as some values and behavioural things.  Is it indoctrination?

I'm starting to think that indoctrination is either "teaching I don't like" or "teaching values that you should have a choice to adopt"

The 2nd one means - GUESS WHAT - we're in politics.  They should, IMO, teach people that gay people EXIST.  That isn't indoctrination, it's a fact.  They should, IMO, teach people that gay people are people 'like any other' in that their orientation is not viewed prejudicially by the government.

If people want to teach their kids not to be gay, or eat fish on Fridays .... and teach it in the home then that's how it will happen.

"Be nice to the brown people" is actually a value that also should be taught, as civics.  If we descend to tribalism, then our society (my city) is done for.

Be nice to the good people, not so nice to the not so good, regardless of their colour would surely be a better civics lesson.

Of course, if be nice to the brown people regardless was the lesson, one could always pretend to get it.

Indoctrination isn't teaching one doesn't like.  I daresay many who are indoctrinated into obscene religions or fringe political movements like it right off the bat. The indoctrination starts with the convincing of those who don't.
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