Author Topic: Teaching vs Indoctrination ?  (Read 4981 times)

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Re: Teaching vs Indoctrination ?
« on: February 15, 2018, 02:15:06 pm »
A friend of mine grew up in the 1950s and proclaimed himself an Athiest when very young.  After a fight with the school, he was permitted to say nothing during Lord's Prayer ( in a public school mind you ).  But they had to fight.

In the 80s, I had to get special permission for my daughter to leave the classroom during the recitation of the Lord's Prayer. 

We are indoctrinated from birth to believe our country is the best, regardless of which country we are from.  I don't think indoctrination needs to have an 'or else' attached, but only the repitition of ideas with little or no contrary information.