Author Topic: Teaching vs Indoctrination ?  (Read 4981 times)

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Re: Teaching vs Indoctrination ?
« on: February 15, 2018, 01:52:22 pm »
1. That's kind of a blanket statement.  There were certainly strong initiatives to teach manners, values, and patriotism if 1950s health films are to be blieved.

2. Maybe a better idea for you to provide examples of morality that was/wasn't taught in the "good old days" vs today. 

I don't think things have changed very much, in terms of social values being assumed as "good" and being taught.  But maybe the problem is that we haven't considered "dissent" enough. 

A friend of mine grew up in the 1950s and proclaimed himself an Athiest when very young.  After a fight with the school, he was permitted to say nothing during Lord's Prayer ( in a public school mind you ).  But they had to fight.

I remember swearing on the bible when I joined the BC government.  Along with my two friends.  I'm an Atheist, and they're Buddhists.  But we just wanted to get out of there and have some lunch.
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