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Re: Superhero Movies
« Reply #135 on: September 15, 2021, 12:33:50 am »
News flash! People here saying I have to watch Infiniti war?! Or I can't watch and game?! There all try to help me out

okay bubba so first off, it's "Infinity War", not "Infiniti War".  This isn't a Nissan product.

So also, the Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame movies were, genuinely, pretty amazing because, as Poonlight and Segnosaur said, they're the culmination of a story that has been built through at least a dozen previous movies. Love or hate the result, I don't think anything similar has even been attempted before. Infinity War and Endgame provided, I think, a really satisfying conclusion to a family of films that while more or less able to stand on their own,  were also loosely interconnected to a greater whole. 

I think that what's really compelling about "Endgame" is that it provides fulfilling completions to stories of characters that you've become emotionally connected with in previous films. If you've seen the previous Captain America films, seeing Steve Rogers finish his story in the arms of Peggy Carter might make your eyes tear up. If you don't know who Peggy Carter is, then not so much. If you've seen the previous Marvel movies, you can appreciate that seeing Tony Stark travel to the past and meet his father as a young man is an enchanting moment.  If you haven't, then maybe not so much.  There are some truly wonderful things that happen in these films, but if you aren't already immersed in the lore, you wouldn't fully appreciate it.  As Segnosaur said, there's a lot of buy-in to fully appreciate what they've done in these movies.  But for me, watching these movies along the way wasn't a chore, wasn't homework to appreciate a bigger payoff down the road. These movies were great fun in their own right, regardless of being part of a bigger payoff down the road.

One scene in Endgame has Steve Rogers telling Natasha that he'd seen dolphins jumping in the harbour that day.  Less pollution and less human traffic was a real plus of the post-Infinity War world, apparently, because the dolphins were bouncing back.  Natasha told him that she'd beat him with her sandwich if he kept trying to boost her spirits with **** like that.

That was pre-Covid. Last year I read an article stating that dolphins had been seen in Vienna's harbour for the first time in decades, thanks to reduced pollution and human traffic due to Covid. It immediately made me think of that scene in Endgame.

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