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Re: Superhero Movies
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If you really want to give comic book movies another try, I might recommend "Iron Man". It was one of the first movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (so you wouldn't have had to have seen others in the franchise). And, it had many elements that I like about the genre... decent special effects/action, mix of humor and drama.
I saw the first one and big meh.
Well, if you didn't like the first Iron Man, you probably won't get much out of the rest of the Marvel movies. (Not that they're "All the Same", since many of them do cross different genre boundaries, but its kind of the "standard" for their particular brand.)

I almost forgot... once set of decent super hero moves that is available on Netflix is the Batman trilogy series by Christopher Nolan (with Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne/Batman).
Oh yeah - I think I DID see that !  :O and it was good too...
So super hero movies aren't a TOTAL write-off for you.
What about The Joker - is that in that series ?
No, its not part of any series. It is a completely stand-alone movie that has nothing to do with either the 3 Christian Bale/Christopher Nolan Batman movies, nor the later Zac Snyder movies (Batman v. Superman/Justice League). You can see it without having seen any other movies. (You might actually like it too... no appearance by Batman, nobody else in tights. More of a psychological study on someone trying to cope with mental illness and the stresses of being disadvantaged.) And it is on Netflix. (To nitpick: It was actually just called "Joker" instead of "The Joker".)

Personally, I thought it was... OK. Acting was good. No real humor in it (but I wasn't expecting any). But I did think the plot was a little weak.

That is one of the differences between the 2 brands... Marvel has gone great lengths to develop a cohesive set of films that all fit together in the same "universe", with different movies fitting into the whole big grand scheme of things. In my opinion, its quite impressive to accomplish that across over a dozen movies.

On the other hand DC has done things... differently. They made the 3 Nolan batman movies, then the Zac Snyder movies (that had nothing to do with the Nolan movies). Now they're making more movies that are follow-ups/sequels to the Justice League, but they are also coming out with a Batman movie that has nothing to do with any of the recent movies. Then there were the 2 "Suicide Squad" movies, the first was related to the Snyder movies, the second was sort of a sequel but not really a sequel, since it had a couple of the same characters but they made no reference to the first one.

I find the differences in approaches between the 2 companies rather interesting to examine.