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Re: Superhero Movies
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Seriously, though. He was talking about the visceral emotional experience of seeing it on the screen, not the philosophical satisfaction of knowing a movie studio might make a movie aimed at you. I get tha you can't relate...

I can relate to being happy at seeing a black man elected President.  Through that, I can relate to being proud of seeing certain roles portrayed, but it's a separate experience from enjoying the art.

...but you're wrong to discount the power of fantasy.

I only do so for myself, and - slightly - as an old guy who doesn't get the kids today.  The latter stance says as much about me as about the kids.

I saw a headline last week, and I forget if it was in my news feed or if it was a link on another site I was reading. I haven't read it yet, but the headline said (I read this in Whoopi Goldberg's voice): "Black Kids Don't Want To Read About Harriet Tubman All The Time."

Why would they ?

I loved the sentiment.  Not that people shouldn't know or care about Harriet Tubman-- of course they should.  But peoples' imaginations and dreams and fantasies deserve much more varied fuel than stories from a dark time in history.

The real diversity comes now, after the "first" one... when nobody gives a ****.

David Mamet writes a lot of movies for people like me, but also people like you.  You would like his politics, maybe.  I'll put a link to an interview he did last week with WTF.