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Re: Superhero Movies
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Rotten tomato reviews have little correlation to movie quality it seems, especially superhero movies.  I thought Dr. Strange and The Avengers movies were horrible.  Logan and Deadpool were great.  IMDB ratings seem more accurate because the ratings are from regular people not professional arthouse snobs who will get publicly blasted as racist/sexism/homophobe etc if they give a bad review to a movie about a victim group.

I don't care if a movie stars or is made by black people or white people or women or men or gays or armless people or people with seasonal allergies, a good movie is a good movie.  People seem to like Black Panther so I might see it at some point, but I'm getting bored of this genre & I'm a huge comic nerd, I still haven't seen Wonder Woman which looked pretty good.

Apparently it's a major cultural event now when a superhero movie features a woman (Wonder Woman), or black Africans, these characters are several decades old I don't know why people give a **** but whatever floats your boat.
In simple terms, RT is more like the proportion of critics giving positive reviews, rather than some sort of weighted average of review scores. For the latter people should check out Metacritic instead.