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Re: Superhero Movies
« on: December 15, 2017, 08:58:37 pm »
Potentially terrible news for people who hate superhero movies, as Disney has just purchased 21st Century Fox Entertainment.

The Fantastic Four movies have been consistent box office flops, but the rights to Fantastic Four properties include the rights to iconic villains like Doctor Doom and Galactus.

Never been a big fan of the Fantastic Four, either comic or movies, but they have great supporting characters & villains like you say.  I think the biggest one will be Silver Surfer, a personal fav of mine.  Can't wait for his stand alone film, even though like a lot of people I'm getting a bit sick of the superhero movies, and some of the ones that people loved I thought were lame, like Avengers series, Iron Man, and Dr Strange (the worst cheesy jokes, Cumberbatch did such a bad job cuz of the dialogue, I was shocked).

And the X-men properties have immense possibilities.  The original Fox trilogy of X-men movies, starring Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen, among others, were instrumental in putting superhero movies back on the map.  Movies featuring Wolverine were also box office successes, and the recent Deadpool movie was a smash hit.

X-Men characters don't often interact in the comics with other parts of the Marvel universe since Xmen has more than enough characters there to keep up interesting stories, but X-Men is probably the most interesting Marvel franchise so will be fun to see what Disney does with those characters, even though they've been explored a ton already to mixed success.  Sad to see Jackman get too old for the part but I'm open to someone new if they get someone really good.  They did a great job recasting a lot of characters for X-Men First Class so it can be done.
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