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Re: Superhero Movies
« on: December 15, 2017, 08:03:30 pm »
Potentially terrible news for people who hate superhero movies, as Disney has just purchased 21st Century Fox Entertainment.

Some tiny piece of that 52 billion dollar acquisition are the TV and movie rights to the X-Men and Fantastic Four and related trademarks. That includes Deadpool as well.  Regaining the rights to all of the Marvel properties opens up all kinds of possibilities that comic-book fans have wanted to see for ages.

The Fantastic Four movies have been consistent box office flops, but the rights to Fantastic Four properties include the rights to iconic villains like Doctor Doom and Galactus.  And the X-men properties have immense possibilities.  The original Fox trilogy of X-men movies, starring Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen, among others, were instrumental in putting superhero movies back on the map.  Movies featuring Wolverine were also box office successes, and the recent Deadpool movie was a smash hit.

There will be challenges, to be sure.  Hugh Jackman is the only guy who has ever been Wolverine in live-action films, and it sounds like he's ready to hang up the adamantium claws.  I believe Jennifer Lawrence is finished her 3-movie contract in the role of "Mystique", which is good, because Mystique was supposed to be a recurring villain and not the star of the whole franchise, and making the whole thing revolve around J-Law is the main reason the recent run of X-men movies was underwhelming.  But those are minor bumps in the road.  It's hard to picture anybody other than Jackman as live-action Wolverine, but they'll figure it out somehow.

It's hard to foresee how they'll go about integrating the newly acquired properties into the existing "Marvel Cinematic Universe". Movies take a long time to make, so this might not make its way onto screens for a few years. They already have a couple of years worth of movies in production. One can only wonder if they're furiously editing scripts to try to fit additional characters in.

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