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Re: Superhero Movies
« on: November 14, 2017, 06:45:02 pm »
Ok on it being around for a long while, however why is it popular now ?  Demographics probably have a lot to do with hit, and Hollywood's need for big spectacular box-office movies.  It's the opposite of the economics of the "Raging Bulls and Easy Riders" era, where they would bet on small films that could earn spectacularly.  Instead they bet on huge films that can earn 5X investment or 10X.

Business loves sure things. Hollywood is a business, and they love sequels.
People like familiarity, and having a level of reassurance that the movie will be entertaining. That's why actors who aren't all that good are such huge stars. You might not know what the movie was about (unless its a sequel), but you know Arnold Schwarzenegger played a certain type of character (or Chuck Norris, or Bruce Willis, or the Rock).

There's also the larger than life aspect of superheroes or spaceships with laser weapons or magicians and wizards. It pulls out of the drab and mundane into a different world of magic and light and the fantastical - like we wish we lived in.
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