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Re: Stacked Single Family Home
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I dunno about yours, but my property taxes are based on a property value assessment. And older more centralized areas typically have higher property values than new outlying subdivisions. So you get people in established subdivisions basically subsidizing the development of infrastructure in new subdivisions where people will be paying lower tax rates than they themselves.


Sure, you pay more based on the value of your property, but that doesn't necessarily mean the new subdivisions pay less tax. The closer in homes tend to be older, like my last 1950s place. I paid a lot more for my current new home than my last place was worth and I pay higher taxes here than I did there. The newer homes have all the bells and whistles, which cost. There are a few closer in neighborhoods that have high costs, but most are not any more costly in land value than the area I'm in now. My last place was 15 minutes from downtown and in a nice, crime free neighborhood of single family houses and sold for $365k. Which is below average in Ottawa. 
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