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Re: Stacked Single Family Home
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We do have duplex and triplexes.  Even fourplexes, but I was talking about a different concept all together.  Something between a house and a condo.  Multi units, but not tiny in size.  I only brought up the 3 or 4 storey issue because Impact was talking about the costs of elevators.  I added that zoning would also be easier for 3 or 4 storey because they could be in more residential areas as well as major roads.

Well, elevators do cost a lot, and if you've got an underground parking lot that requires heavy maintenance. Sometimes repair costs can be close to half a million or more on those suckers. I was considering a condo downtown in one of those nice buildings (as an example) and they come with $1000 a month condo fees on top of the rest because of the additional costs involved. That's the problem you have with large buildings that have small footprints. If you have large apartments that means fewer people to pay for these elevators and other costs and consequently even higher fees.

If you're just talking about making the triplex wider that's doable, but you might need a larger lot if you want decent sized decks, esp if you're going to have a multi-car garage (not as important in BC but priceless here).
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