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Re: Stacked Single Family Home
« Reply #15 on: March 24, 2018, 11:44:15 am »
Duh, I guess I just expect greed to, you know, duh, be in conflict with a buyers’ desire to minimize costs. 

To the extent that it is not is because of cheap money and an irrational debt bubble for which I will appluad those who are shown to be left with a bathing suit on when the tide goes out. 

Ever been to Hong Kong? Or any other major city? 

HK is about 2,700 square km and has a population of about 8 million.

Metro Van is about 2,800 sq km with a pop of less than 2.5.

Lots of room left if people choose their councils carefully.

If only city councils had any control over the zoning of property in their own jurisdictions..... but, duh, what do I know.

I've never been to Hong Kong but I've been to London and New York and I didn't see too many single family units near the city, which is precisely my point.

As for the city councilors, there is talk of banning 'donations' to their campaigns so while they do play their role, they are ultimately colluding with developers. 

The flip side of the argument is that without donations incumbents will always have the upper hand.