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Re: Stacked Single Family Home
« on: March 23, 2018, 11:23:32 pm »
Living in a very dense part of a dense city is a nightmare to me.  I could only enjoy it for a short while, not longterm.  I'd never want to raise a family in the kind of building/environment being described, it sounds like a dystopia to me.  I like some space to breathe, I think a lot of families like so too so the idea wouldn't be popular unless housing prices in place like Vancouver make it necessary.

I know it wouldn't be for everyone but the reality is our big cities are becoming very populous and single family units aren't exactly conducive to metropolitan centres unless, as you say, people have a lot of money. 

Prices may correct, but with so many newcomers every year, in the decades to come most people will be priced out of the single family home anywhere near a city of 3-4 million. 

People like you will migrate to smaller cities or the suburbs, but for people who don't mind raising a family in the city there would be an alternative between space or distance.  Right now the only condos being built are geared toward double-income, no kid families with relatively small square footage.

Like you I would be more apt to move away from the city but I think it's a great option to provide to those who want to stay.