Author Topic: So uhh.. Game of Thrones comes back this week.  (Read 580 times)

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People seemed to hate that Council meeting. I loved it.

Grown up Robyn Aryn,
Edmure Tully somehow gets to lead the Riverlands and gets dunked on by Sansa.
This Prince of Dorne that no one knows anything about looks completely disinterested.
Sam is there to represent the Reach? Why are Brienne and Davos there, come to think of it?

Sam and Bron totally won the Game of Throne. Not only is Sam the Small Council Maester, he's also the Lord of Hornhill has a wife and kids. Talk about Breaking the Wheel.

Bron becomes master of coin, because. . . and gets Highgarden so he replaces the Tyrells. What do they call Bron's house?

I would also think Dorne and The Iron Islands would pipe in when Sansa proposes NorExit.