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Of all the possible outcomes, Bran ruling the Seven Kingdoms is the one that makes the least possible sense. 


Tyrion's plan only works as long as the 7 6 kingdoms are led by reasonable rational people without greater ambition.   Otherwise everything is right back to square one, with the next Tywin Lannister plotting to put his back on the Iron Throne.

Also, when Sansa opts the North out of the 7 kingdoms, to me it seems like at that moment Yara Greyjoy ought to have piped up and said "wait, I didn't know that was an option. That thing she just did? I want to do that too."    She had already negotiated exactly such a deal with Daenarys... for her to not insist it be honored seems out of character and kind of an omission.

Nonetheless, I kind of liked the resolution. The final episode was somewhat low key, and I liked that it suggested that the years of strife would end and stability would return. Seeing the Small Council talking about boring business like finances and rebuilding the sewer system gave a sense of hope, a sense that the wars and power struggles were over and they were going to start looking after the small folk.  I'm not sure that Bronn was a great choice to be master of coin, and I'm not sure Brienne or Samwell have much management experience, but Tyrion and Davos both have relevant work experience, so I'm sure they'll be fine.

We've seen similar from Sansa over the past few seasons. Her being the one who talks about details like storing enough food for winter and feeding their armies and so on is a reminder of Catelyn Stark warning Ned about the same issues in season one. While Arya was out playing archery, Sansa was learning about running a kingdom from her mother.  Sansa has Catelyn's business sense, but also a bit of Cersei's calculating nature and Littlefinger's cunning.

Poor Jon... he lost the love of his life, twice. He knew nothing, but learned a few things along the way.  Being exiled back to Castle Black isn't so terrible. He was reunited with his puppy and the wildlings. It's where he grew into the man he became. Like his wolf, he belonged in the north.

I thought Emilia Clarke was really good this episode... she gave a sense that she still really believed in what she was doing, that she was so blinded by her goal of "breaking the wheel" that she genuinely didn't realize that she'd become the wheel.  A lot of people feel that her turn to the dark side didn't make sense, but I think it could have. It fell down because everything was quite rushed, and didn't feel convincing because it wasn't given enough time to develop.  Tyrion's talk with Jon put it in better context.  We cheered her on because she was destroying evil men-- it applies to the audience as well as to the characters in the show.  It was still sad to see her go.  Poor Drogon.  Lost his siblings and his mom.

As for Arya... she's sailing west, probably to kill Benioff and Weiss.

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