Author Topic: So uhh.. Game of Thrones comes back this week.  (Read 580 times)

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Sansa is the only smart person on this show. You're going to have the entire North army travel the Kings Road to King's Landing. Regardless of the show's teleportation ability that's still something Rob Stark couldn't do. Don't the Lannister's control the Twins now? The Lannisters aren't taking the North anytime soon, they should pause and replenish their forces and craft an intelligent plan. Instead they fly right into a trap.

Also King's Landing now has a SAM defence system now, so the one dragon they have left is useless AF.

The show is purely fan fiction and spectacle now. Brienne and Jamie finally get to bone. We get Arya and Hound 2 Electric Bugaboo. This is certainly foreshadowing Clegane Bowl. They also forshadow the Valonqar Prophesy ( with Jamie leaving Brienne's warm bed back into the arms of Cersie. They banish Ghost to North of the Wall with Tormond so we don't have to have another CGI doggie die.

Don't get me wrong. It's enjoyable TV. But the appeal of the earlier season is that it at least tried to be as realistic as a Fanstasy Show/Book Series could be. Now it's anything goes, lets race to the finish line.

Oh and killing the few people of colour they have, while in chains, is racist. . . apparently.