Author Topic: So uhh.. Game of Thrones comes back this week.  (Read 580 times)

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Re: So uhh.. Game of Thrones comes back this week.
« Reply #15 on: April 27, 2019, 04:53:27 pm »
Should we do a dead pool?  Everybody picks 5 characters they think will die in episode 3, and 5 characters they think will survive episode 3, one point for each correct guess?  Or something like that?

5 characters I think will die in episode 3

1. Brienne.  I think last week's moment in the sun was the culmination of her story.  I think she will die in heroic fashion in the battle, probably saving Jaime from certain death.

2. Jorah the Explorah.  I feel like somebody close to Daenarys will die, and Jorah seems likeliest to me.  His path of redemption from exiled goon to worthy son to his father has been completed.

3. The Hound.  This is a risky pick, because a lot of people expect him to survive and fight his brother later on.  I have a sense that maybe he'll die in a way that fits his character arc, his evolution from a selfish, bitter, cynical misanthrope to a man with a heart and a purpose. I think that perhaps Arya will deal with Ser Gregor in memory of the Hound.

4. The Night King.  and

5. Brandon Stark.  I have a sense that these two will end each other in some sort of mystical way. I'm not sure that Bran will literally die, but I think this is the end of him in his current form.  Perhaps his essence and memory lives on in the form of a tree spirit or a raven or some sort of mystical type deal, but I think that this episode will be the end of him in his current form.  Of course, I'm assuming the Night King's story ends here. That's a big if.  What if the Night King is victorious, the humans are routed from Winterfell, and the Night King's advance continues all the way to the end of the series?  It could happen.

I also think Theon, Grey Worm, and Tormund are probably going to die.  I wonder if Bronn will make it to Winterfell in time for the fighting?

5 characters I think will survive episode 3 (not counting characters who will be nowhere near the battle, like Cersei, Euron, Yara...)

1. Jaime. Can't picture his story ending here, there's too much left unfinished.

2. Daenarys. Can't picture the final 3 episodes not resolving her quest for the throne.

3. Jon. Because I don't think Dany's story is ending without Jon.

4. Arya. I'm not 100% sure why, but I think she might assassinate somebody (Cersei, or maybe the Mountain?) before all is said and done.

5. Tyrion. I think something awful will happen in the crypts, and Tyrion will save the day. He will probably try to be a voice of reason as Dany moves forward with her political ambitions.

I also think Samwell, Gilly, and Lyanna Mormont will probably survive.  Just wishful thinking here, no particular logic. 

I am on the fence about Sansa. If she survives, she will be a political force in the remaining episodes. But I could picture the battle against the Night King being perhaps the end of that paradigm... perhaps Dany's world view will be altered in a way that puts makes thrones and ruling seem less important to her.  Sansa's death might persuade Dany that having dominion over the North isn't important to her.  But perhaps Dany comes to that realization without Sansa dying.

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