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Re: Re: Host Censorship
« on: June 15, 2017, 11:49:56 am »
You and I have had this discussion before.  I don't believe in swearing in conversation.  I do believe in the value of artistic and real expression.  Swearing is part of language and culture.  Words are, IMO, only as powerful as what you make them.  That's why I really don't understand the whole controversy over Bill Maher and the use of the N word.

Two things.  First, the N-word is not the same thing as swearing.  It is a highly charged word in the historical context and cannot be compared to someone who is just too sensitive to hear the words **** and ****.  And I really don't think anyone who is not black has a right to say whether or not blacks are too sensitive about the issue.

Second, I sort of understand banning swear words, but this forum has blocked me using the words **** and ****.  These are both G-rated and have a place in everyday discourse.  They should not be disallowed.