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Re: Thread Drift
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I think the issue I'm hearing often isn't about good board vs. open board though.  It's about consistency in moderation, and also style.  When you're not consistent in enforcing the rules, it does feel personal. 

I would expand on that. As someone who was there a long time, when Greg moderated, if he didn't like what you wrote he would PM you and tell you what was wrong and ask (politely) for you to change it. Over the last several years it's instead been BAM! "You wrote garbage and are suspended for a week! Question me and I'll make it two! Want three!? Just try me!"

Put that together with a lack of consistency in moderation and you have a very frustrating and irritating experience. I did not find MH any improvement on Charles, btw, except for being more polite in PMs (when he answered). I actually got suspended and got warning points a lot more after he joined the moderation team than prior to that.

They have moderated (no pun intended) this over the past some months, however. Charles, in particular, seems to have moderated (no pun intended) over the last year. At least with me.
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