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Re: Thread Drift
« Reply #60 on: July 20, 2017, 06:38:13 am »
oh snap! You got me... uhhh... wait now - that useless piece of nothingness was used many times over as a challenging start point for ChasMan to elaborate upon, particularly in terms of his related determining criteria, his subjective whim, his lack of consistency in applying interpretation and enforcement, his banal and tripe instruction to "just report and ignore", etc..

I don't 'got you'.  I am not trying to fight with you.  You said this:

"Any precise and prevailing definition on MLW trolling should be in the board rules for reference. "

I thought there was indeed a definition, so I went over there and found one.  And then I posted it.  And you came back with the retort above.

We are now on the first steps of an arc that I now remember.  It goes like this:

1. You say something.
2. I explain it.
3. You don't acknowledge the explanation, and come up with some more snark.
4. Go to 1.

I now remember many such conversations, that I just had to eventually not respond to because they went nowhere.  Nobody owes you an explanation.  And if you're never going to be satisfied anyway, why should I try to give you one ?  And why would you keep the conversation going unless you're just doing a meta-troll ?  There's no end to it.

cop out extraordinaire! That ole tried-n-true, fall-back nugget simply allowed ChasMan and his crew to avoid accountability and responsibility for the shyte-house MLW moderation. Membership attempts to understand MLW moderation... to hold the moderators to some semblance of actual interpretation/enforcement practice... to wrestle with the inconsistency of application... that... that became the foundation of the MLW moderation drama that ChasMan so relished.

Firstly, there is this concept called "boil the ocean".  It refers to tasks that are too arduous to warrant their undertaking.  One can't come up with an exhaustive lists of behaviours that would be considered trolling.  Any list you could come up with, that listed specific examples, would be very long and would always be incomplete.  And even then, the subjective decision of a moderator would still be required.

You didn't like the decisions of the moderators, that is clear.  But sometimes you have to accept that moderators just don't agree with you.

because nothing ever changed. Rather - it only ever got worse. You seem like quite the lil' chatter-box here... certainly begs the question why you sought to become miniChasMan while giving up your posting. Clearly you accomplished didly squat in your presumed/postured policy application discussions - ChasManRules, don't ya know.

Maybe so.  There was a lot of discussion, and a lot of decisions - I can't say how much influence I had overall.

go shine on someone else. If by "overly demanding" you mean questioning the bullshyte MLW moderation... guilty as charged. Thread after thread, literally hundreds of posts from many, many disgruntled members, members chucking it in and walking away from MLW - all so "overly demanding", hey!  :)

Yes.  This response is typical.  I respond to you, and the bar moves.  You say "there's no written rule", and I produce it, and you just come back with more.  This is how it is with you.

I think your presence there was much more valued than you realize, otherwise there would have been no response at all.

"the team"!!! Oh my - how droll. If there was your stated unhappiness, why the phack didn't anything ever change... for the better? Such a high-bar MLW sets for itself: "the site continues"!

Some changes happened.  I don't expect that you would understand that, or observe it, or that the result would satisfy you anyway.

as I've stated in the past - in that very MLW shytehole: you get the board you ask for, you get the board you deserve.

You can reflect on what that means for you - you don't have the board anymore at all... so...

you're welcome - carry on.